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Torah Restoration

In honor of the 65th anniversary of the Malverne Jewish Center, we are embarking on a project to restore one of our Torah scrolls. Writing a Torah is the final of the 613 mitzvot, derived from Deuteronomy 31:19 where God instructs Moses and Joshua: “Therefore, write down this poem and teach it to the people of Israel; put it in their mouths, in order that this poem may be my witness against the people of Israel.”

Neil Yerman, the sofer (scribe) who is restoring our Torah scroll will be with us in the Berger Room on Sunday, May 19 from 2 – 6 pm to explain and demonstrate the art of writing a Torah. You and your family will be able to hold the sofer’s hand as he writes a letter; perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In order to give everyone the opportunity to physically participate on May 19 in fulfilling this mitzvah, we will be scheduling time slots (2-4 pm and 4-6 pm) for meeting with the sofer.

Suggested dedications/donations are listed below. If you have questions about this event itself, please call (203) 332-4428, email or leave a message at the Synagogue office
(516) 593-6364.

Returning this form will secure your time on May 19. Multiple dedications are accepted. Donations of $360 or more may be paid in installments.

Where appropriate indicate your choice(s) with the # of donations. You will receive an invoice from the Synagogue office.