Rabbi Sermon – July/August 2018


Susan Elkodsi
Meaningful Jewish Connections … that’s what makes the Malverne Jewish Center such a special place. No matter what “being Jewish” means to you, we’re here to help you explore your Jewish identity and be part of a thriving community.

“Doing Jewish” today is more than coming to a synagogue service or having a Passover Seder; it’s about creating meaning and purpose in our lives – how do we grow older without getting old? How do we continue to live full lives despite the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges we face as we age? How can Jewish wisdom and tradition help?

While the ways Jews connect with each other, with God and with the Jewish people as a whole has changed over the years, what hasn’t changed is our very human need to connect – just put two Jews in a room and immediately the “Jewish Geography” game begins.

Years ago, having Shabbat and festival services, along with a Hebrew school and perhaps an Adult Ed program or two, were enough to keep people engaged, but that’s no longer the case today. Many of my Baby Boomer contemporaries – even ones who joined synagogues when their children were young – are no longer affiliated with synagogues. Studies point to a variety of reasons, and certainly churches and other organizations are seeing similar trends, but what often comes as a reason for leaving a synagogue is a lack of connection, something we at the Malverne Jewish Center are working hard to create.

One of my goals as the Malverne Jewish Center’s rabbi is to provide opportunities for us to engage in this important conversation, and to create programs and activities that will help us to remain an active and vibrant Jewish community that serves a wide range of needs and interests.

Call me, email me, let’s have a cup of coffee (or insert soft beverage of choice) and chat!

Rabbi Susan Elkodsi