From The President’s Desk


What seems to be taking the form of an annual tradition for my December message, I’m once again beginning my message with the opening lyrics to Auld Lang Syne to introduce the highlights which defined the past year for us and to touch on what we can expect over the coming months of 2020. Just as I’m recycling the theme of prior years’ messages, I’m going to also take a similar approach with the remainder of this year’s New Year’s article.

As for the year that was, I’m certain you’ll agree it was quite a year in the life of our congregation. Unfortunately, the year was marked with the loss of several of those dear to us, including Gloria Berger, Ethel Wallach, Bill Miller, Lillian Fein, Fil Gluck and others who were so instrumental to our history and their loss created a void we will never be able to fill. We will miss them dearly.

And then there were events that we will long remember; events which gave us the opportunity to “write” a portion of the Torah under the guidance of Sofer Neil Yerman as we marked the completion of the Torah Restoration Project, and to celebrate a milestone in the life of our beloved shul, our 65th Anniversary Celebration.

And let’s not forget the array of programs conceived by and put on by Rabbi Elkodsi and Pat Sachs’ Program Committee, from interesting and relevant lectures to movies and holiday celebrations. And finally, how about our beautiful High Holiday services, where Rabbi Elkodsi and her all-MJC team did a fantastic job of weaving tradition, spirituality and relevance together into a wonderful mosaic of religious services? Thank you, Rabbi, Carl Dropkin, Pat Sachs, David Elkodsi, Amy Zuckerman and Herb Brodsky.

I won’t rehash the past year any further except to say that if you did not participate, you missed a lot. But all is not lost as opportunity will knock once more with the array of lectures, movies and celebrations on the drawing board for the coming year. I assure you, there’ll be something to pique your interest. But more importantly, these programs will offer you an opportunity to get together with your friends at MJC and maybe make a new friend or two.

So, check our website often and make certain you’re on our mailing list to keep abreast of what’s doing. at MJC. Don’t be sorry next year. Opportunity will knock only so many times.

As we did at the outset of 2019, Emilee and I would like to extend our very best wishes to you and your family for a year filled with nothing but good things and we look forward to spending it with you at the Malverne Jewish Center. Let’s not forget the spirit of auld lang syne and not allow “old acquaintance [to] be forgot.” See you at MJC.

Dave Feldman