President – Summer Breeze


What a peaceful, relaxing tone this title conjures up as summer is (finally) upon us. Songwriters and performers, Seals & Croft, poetically described the mood as: “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.” Talk about relaxing, I almost dozed off at the keyboard writing this, which I hope won’t similarly be the case as you read this article.

Summertime is truly a season of outdoor activities, from a stroll in the park to a day at the beach, or just plain relaxing in the back yard. It’s a time to spend with family and friends and maybe take in a baseball game or outdoor concert together.

Unfortunately, however, too many among us are alone and not able to experience the joys of companionship that the experts tell us is so essential to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Too many of us are in ill health and are unable to enjoy the fruits of this wonderful season. And sadly, the “too many of us” happen to be our follow congregants and friends whom we’ve known for so many years.

Friends who need us and who depend on the companionship offered by our shul. So, let’s always keep them in mind and perhaps pick up the phone to find out how they’re doing and let them know that we miss them. And maybe, just maybe, share a burger with them and enjoy the summer breeze together.

Now, before we become too fi xated on the relaxed mood occasioning the thought of summer, I’d like to remind you of the array of programs we have planned at MJC. From movies to lectures to book discussions, it’s all there, awaiting your enjoyment. So please, watch for our flyers, check out our website and listen to our Shabbat announcements to keep track of what’s doin’ at the Malverne Jewish Center.

One big event presently in the works by Lottie Tartell and her committee is the second stage of our 65th Anniversary celebration. As you recall, the initial event was the culmination of the Torah Repair Project, which we held in May and which turned out to be an overwhelming success, thanks to the hard work and creativity of Rabbi Elkodsi, Linda Brodsky and Myrna Korman. Now it’s Lottie’s turn and from what she’s described so far, it looks like it’s going to be quite a celebration. Save-the-date cards will be going out shortly, but I’ll give you a little hint: Highlight your calendar for September 8th and I promise that a wonderful time will await you.

So, enjoy the summer and look to the Malverne Jewish Center and our programs as an important source of that enjoyment. Our shul is there for you and for those who depend on our companionship and support. Our shul is there for friends who have not been able to join us for quite some time and who would be delighted to hear a “hello, how are you doing” over the phone. So please, let’s not forget them and plan to join your friends at MJC to enjoy the summer breeze together. We look forward to seeing you.

Dave Feldman, President