President – April-May 2017


You know, there’s something about the name spring that conjures up a sense of renewal. It tells me that winter is finally over and that it’s now time for all the good things that accompany this change of seasons, including longer days, baseball, the end of tax season and summer being right around the corner. It tells me that I’ll soon be able to enjoy the outdoors once more. It also tells me that I’d better begin getting ready for Pesach, a festival that means family get-togethers as we recount our emergence from slavery and the eventual receipt of the laws which will govern our people through good and bad times. And for the Malverne Jewish Center, it means that a new slate of thoughtful, enriching and often entertaining programs developed by Rabbi Elkodsi and the Program Committee await us.

Yes, spring is finally here and as we thankfully put the threats of cold, snow and ice behind us, an array of programs to suit every interest awaits. Whether your preference is a stimulating lecture, a Hebrew or Torah class, a festival celebration or participating in commemorating a solemn event in our history, MJC will be there for you. Or if you’d like to try your hand (or green thumb) at gardening, Fran Eisner and her Gardening Committee will be happy to use the help. And yes, we will be continuing our monthly Shabbat dinners with our friends from the Valley Stream Jewish Center that so many of you have shown by your turnout that it’s one of our more popular events. As the expression goes, that is just a few morsels of what MJC has in store for us as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer.

Needless to say, I encourage you to join us and participate in the wonderful programs our shul has in store for us. And luckily, there are as many ways to keep up with all we have going on as the number of things we have going on. (If you get that, please explain it to me.) Yes, we’ll continue sending out our creative flyers as we’ve always done, but there are additional ways for you to keep up. First, there’s this
very informative newsletter (thanks Linda Brodsky) and Suzi Schwam’s fantastic weekly e-mail bulletin, which is turning out to be our most effective communication vehicle and something other shuls have complimented us on. Then there’s our innovative website ( and the various social media outlets Rabbi Elkodsi has gotten us to use. And finally, if you attend Shabbat services, I promise to keep you up to date with my announcements and maybe commit a gaff or two for your listening entertainment. And the kiddishes aren’t bad either.

On the business of MJC front, the closing on our lease renewal agreement with the Bridge Church is awaiting approval by the Office of the NYS Attorney General. Once that is received, the Church will go ahead with their financing arrangement and our deal will become effective. We’ll also be starting on the development of our fiscal 2018 budget shortly, targeting Board of Trustee approval in June. And finally, while I’m not certain whether it falls under the business category, I’d like to remind you that our annual UJA brunch will be held on Sunday morning, May 7th. This year’s honoree is Murray Greenspan, who has served several terms as our shul’s president and can accurately be described as the lifeblood of the Malverne Jewish Center, having contributed so much to our shul with his many years of membership and service. So, please join us on May 7th as we honor Murray and I promise you that the bagels won’t be bad

Now that the cold is almost over, don’t be left out in it. Your shul will be offering so much in the coming months, including the companionship of your fellow congregants. We certainly look forward greeting you and strongly encourage you to bring a friend. I’m certain that once you see what we’ve got planned this spring, you’ll agree: At Last, It’s Here.

Dave Feldman, President