MJC Community


Dear MJC Friends,
I want to thank all my friends at the MJC for their sincere condolences and contributions on behalf of Terri.
Jerry Domershick.


Dear MJC Friends,
A thank you and yasher koach to Rabbi Elkodsi for offering a community Seder at the MJC on the first night of Pesach. About 30 people, members and unaffiliated people from all over the area, attended. Our Berger Room was transformed! Rabbi Elkodsi saw to every detail – the seder plates, the ‘kos Eliahu’ (Elijah’s cup), the gorgeous haggadot -and yet, as she had said, ’this was not your zaidey’s seder’.


Rabbi Elkodsi led us through the haggadah with song and active participation with endless energy and humor, while giving new insights to familiar parts. And the plagues? Super creative! (We absconded with a couple of frogs and mini marshmallows scattered to represent hail, for our home seder the next night.)

It was a memorable evening with delicious food and the mixing of tradition with innovation. Thanks too to the Rabbi’s helpers, husband David, daughter Jacqueline, Amy Zuckerman and others, who helped to make sure every aspect ran smoothly.
Todah Rabbah. Look forward to seeing you next year.
Pat Sachs



David Mack,on the passing of his beloved brother, Steven.

Rosalie Meltzer, on the passing of her beloved brother, Jimmy Lazear.



Lottie Tartell on the birth of her first great-grandchild, Warren Adam Gamay.



Ruth Hyman in her new home in Poughkeepsie.



Alanna Rebbeck, granddaughter of Francine & Jim Stopfer, on her graduation from Bard College with a degree in

Sydney Inger, granddaughter of Jaci & Mel Bernstein, on her graduation, with honors from East Meadow High School. Sydney will be attending James Madison University’s School of Arts & Design & Honors College in the fall, majoring in Graphic Arts & Design and Art Education. Sydney is also a recipient of a 2018 Good Deed Award for
Long Island Teenagers, sponsored by The National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education of Nassau County.

Brian Shea, grandson of Phyllis & Arnie Seltzer, on his graduation from Lynbrook High School. Brian will be
attending SUNY ESF at Syracuse University in the fall, majoring in Construction Management.