Chai Mitzvah Program

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Connect with YOUR Judaism on YOUR terms!

Our tradition tells us that an integrated Jewish life involves head, heart and hand … study, spirituality and social action. Explore all of these on your terms, with your personal interests through a new adult education initiative called Chai Mitzvah. You will participate in a monthly learning group with a specially designed curriculum that focuses on real life, relevant issues.

You will choose an individual study topic that is personally interesting to you, adopt a new ritual or deepen an existing practice, and engage in a social action activity in the community. Then, at the end of the nine-month program, we’ll celebrate your journey!

The program will be held on the third Thursday of each month, except for October.

To become a Chai Mitzvah, or for more information, call Rabbi Elkodsi, 516-593-6364 or 203-332-4428, or email

Go to the Chai Mitzvah website ( to learn more.