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Please join us for our next Book Club discussion on Monday, January 1 at 7:30 pm. We will be discussing The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish.

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The Weight of Ink by Rachel KadishIn 2017, author Rachel Kadish published her book The Weight of Ink. Since then, it has received critical acclaim. It has been hailed as the winner of the National Jewish Book Award. It also became a bestseller in the USA Today list. The Weight of Ink is a jigsaw puzzle of a novel for readers. The setting is London during the 1660s and the early twenty-first century. The lives of two women of remarkable intellect are interwoven in this remarkable tale. The first woman is named Ester Velasquez. She is an emigrant from Amsterdam. She was permitted to serve a blind rabbi as a scribe, just before the terrible plague hits the city. The other woman is Helen Watt. She is an ailling historian who has passionate love for Jewish history. The Weight of Ink is an ambitious and sophisticated historical fiction novel about women who are separated by time, their choices and the sacrifices they made to reconcile their hearts and minds.