Anne, Martin and the Golden Calf

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  1. Pam Singer says:

    What a beautiful and inspirational piece of writing! It was a pleasure to read. I like to watch small children playing together in the playground. Before anyone has taught them to hate “the other”, they naturally play their games of imagination with friendship and zeal. Something seems to change between early childhood and adulthood. People suddenly have to “work” at experiencing the same pleasure that used to happen spontaneously without any afterthoughts. Words like “tolerance” and “cooperation” are used to encourage those grown up children to get along again. Have the children really grown up at all? King and Frank might have asked that question if hatred’s climax had not destroyed them both.

    • Rabbi Elkodsi says:

      Thank you Pam. It has to go beyond tolerance and become acceptance and even cherishing. And I agree, as we get older we do have to work at making sure we include time for play, joy and pleasure amidst the responsibilities of being an adult.

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