Shabbat at Wendy’s, When Worlds and Values Collide

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  1. Pam Singer says:

    Interesting article. I was reminded of the years my in-laws lived in Century Village, W.P.B., Florida. My mother-in-law surprised me when she said that instead of having a formal Passover seder in anyone’s home where space was limited (and nobody wanted to fuss) they and a group of friends would go to a local restaurant to commemorate the Exodus. I didn’t wish to pry into the specifics but from what I could gather, the restaurant was not kosher. They enjoyed each other’s company and remembered the reason for the get-together. While my in-laws were not Orthodox, they had kept their Brooklyn apartment kosher. Even when they moved to Florida, my mother-in-law did as much as she was physically able to do in order to prepare the condo for Passover. That’s why her method of choice for celebrating the seder came as such a big surprise to me. Naturally, they had a standing invitation at my house but it was not always feasible for them to make the trip.

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