What Were They Thinking???!!

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  1. Pam Singer says:

    I have finally and thankfully discovered how to access the Rabbi’s blog. I’m not too familiar with computers so it has taken me a while. I first read this one and was then inspired to read the last one. I look forward to reading the others as time permits. I have always been troubled by the idea of animal sacrifice even though I realize it used to be a common practice. Still, with G-d wanting us to improve ourselves, why didn’t He insist on vegetarianism rather than the type of hooves on an animal, for example? Is it fair that some animals should suffer more than others? Kashruth is supposedly designed to slaughter animals in the most humane way possible but wouldn’t it be more humane to simply not kill them at all?

    • SusanSchwam says:

      Pam, thank you. All good questions, and there are many, including Rav Kook, the chief Rabbi of Palestine (he passed away before the Israel became a state) believed that we are commanded to be vegetarian. We were only given permission to eat animal flesh after the flood, when presumably, God preferred that we not kill each other. That said, one of the reasons that certain animals are specified as being “kasher,” which means “appropriate to eat,” is to restrict our ability to consume animal flesh.

      We have certainly moved away from the idea of sacrificing animals, or even grain, in favor of prayer and “Walking in God’s Ways.”

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